The Crazy Life

My life has become suddenly quite crazy over the last six months. For some insane reason, my name is being circulated throughout the business world as one of competence. It's like someone flipped a switch and sent a jolt of positive electricity surging toward the K&L spirits department. People are calling me to talk about stuff. All kinds of stuff. Do I want to discuss the industry? Would I mind sharing some ideas? Would I like to consult on a project? All this professional-sounding, business-related adult speak that I used to associate with Wall Street movies as a kid in the 80s (including the movie Wall Street). So when John-Paul Dejoria, the multi-billionaire mogul who founded both Paul Mitchell and Patron Tequila invited me down to his house in Malibu, I was a little taken aback. But I wasn't going to say no, of course.

So I flew down, drank a few beers, looked at the ocean, and conducted a new interview for the archive. I've got three new celebrity conversations ready to post, actually, but we'll be moving them over to the On the Trail blog starting tomorrow. There's a multitude of reasons as to why, but let's just say that the title "Drinking to Drink" tends to scare some people (including a very famous British pop star who decided to back out at the last minute). So we're going to call it, "On the Trail with...".

Soon I'll be posting "On the Trail with John-Paul Dejoria," but only after I get over the entirely surreal experience and come back down to earth. No sooner was I leaving JP's house when I got two more phone calls from other LA-based colleagues about potential projects. By 11 PM I was on Hollywood Boulevard, hanging with my friends Mark and Jonnie Houston, drinking cocktails with the silver screen's finest.

How in the hell did this all happen again?

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll