The Surreal Life

Yesterday I went for cocktails with Charles and the two Camut brothers, Emmanuel and Jean-Gabriel, who were visiting the United States for the very first time. We took them to Trou Normand in downtown San Francisco, which was rather surreal because the bar/restaurant was built in their honor. Owners Thad and Eric visited the Camut farm in Normandy with Charles about five years ago and decided to create a menu around the experience. I think it was pretty surreal for the servers and bartenders there as well. They'd been serving these incredible Calvados cocktails for years, hearing about these two mythical dudes who make the world's best apple brandy, and there they are sitting at the main table—quiet, humble, and appreciative. 

The joke all week according to Charles was that everywhere they went people said, "I love your Calvados so much; I just wish I could get more!" Of course, that's par for the course now in the booze world. You make something as good as Camut Calvados and introduce it to the world, you have to be prepared for the consequences. I pretty much studied French for an entire year just so I could ask Emmanuel and Jean-Gab for another batch of K&L Exclusive 15 year. We'll see how far that gets me.

Speaking of new batches, Charles mentioned that a new shipment came in this week. We should have some new French brandies to share with you very soon.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll