Je Suis Prêt

Well folks, the time is nigh. In just about an hour I'll be heading over to the San Francisco airport and boarding an Air France flight to Paris for my first-ever wine expedition abroad. For the last seven years I've been the spirits buyer at K&L, spilling my guts to you all here on this blog about all things distilled, but now I've been tasked with a completely different mission (and I've chosen to accept it). Can the off-the-cuff, knee-jerk, deeply-personal style of writing I've been successful with in the spirits world translate to a larger audience over on the wine side? We're about to find out. For the next two weeks I'll be covering the 2015 Bordeaux vintage from this year's en primeur tasting with the K&L team on our On the Trail blog.

"I'll give it everything I have," I told him with a straight face.

So here's my big break. I might completely crash and burn, but maybe I can take what is a complicated and convoluted subject to many and turn it into something personable and intriguing. Entertainment always come first, of course. Are you guys ready to learn everything there is about Bordeaux? No? Good, because I'm not the guy who's gonna teach it to you. Are you ready, however, to go on an adventure? Yes? Good, because I am, too. If you need a primer on what en primeur is then start here. Otherwise, I'll check in with you all in about twenty-four hours.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll