I've written here before about the fact that I get a lot of email—like an insane amount of correspondence at all hours of the day. One of the funnier ones this week was from an anonymous reader who asked if I really even went on these trips I often post about, seeing that I was never in any of the pictures. I responded by typing: "I'm the one taking the pictures, so I'm never in them." 

"Then maybe you don't really go," this mysterious person wrote back. "Maybe someone is just sending you photos and you're just some guy writing the copy."

I laughed out loud when I read that. I'd never even thought about the possibility of doing something like that! That would save me from the sleep depravation and fatigue I'm generally consumed by these days, for sure. My problem, however, is that—while I don't consider myself a professional photographer—I'm very picky about the pictures I use here and over at On the Trail, so I prefer to take them myself. I've also followed a rule for the last seven years or so concerning personal images, which is something along the lines of: the blog should definitely not look like a cheesy Facebook page. I hate photos of people posing, smiling, holding bottles, and doing what could be done anywhere, at anytime, in any situation. 

Here's me in Scotland! Here's me in Japan! Here's me with this distiller! Yawn....

In any case, to ease your mind, I dug out this photo from Château Latour that my colleague Phil took in the tasting room. It's the only proof I have that I was ever really in Bordeaux.

But it might actually be just a tasting bar in San Francisco (which is why it's a boring photo).

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll