Epic Wine Tasting Tomorrow

I'm always excited to advocate for my friend and colleague Ryan Woodhouse, who—in my opinion—is bringing in the most exciting, affordable, and interesting wines we carry as a company. Tomorrow is a great chance to experience everything he does in person. At 5 PM in Redwood City he'll be hosting three of South Africa's top producers: De Morgenzon, Glenelly, and Kanonkop with the winemakers themselves in the bar. You'll have the chance to taste seven incredible wines and chat with the folks who make them for a whopping five dollars. The Kanonkop winemaker, Abrie Beeslaar, was named winemaker of the year the IWSC in London last year. Tomorrow he'll be pouring in our store. Why would you not want to come drink with us? I don't know. That's why I'm telling you about this. You're going to want to do this. Now that the Warriors have clinched against Portland there's no excuse not to come!!!

5 PM. Redwood City. Friday 5/13. $5. Seven wines. 

2015 DMZ Cabernet Rosé $9.99

2014 DMZ Chenin Blanc Reserve $29.99

2012 Glenelly Grand Vin Chardonnay $19.99

2010 Glenelly "Lady May" Cabernet Sauvignon $44.99

2013 Kanonkop "Kadette" Cabernet/Pinotage Blend $12.99

2014 Kanonkop Pinotage $32.99

2013 Beeslar Pinotage $44.99

We'll see you there!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll