Chivas Blended Whisky Seminar - Tues, May 24th

While we continue to search out fantastic new casks of single malt, Bourbon, and other glorious spirits from all over the world to satiate the rabid thirsts of our enthusiastic customers, I'm still interested in learning about the olden days of blended whisky—even if that category does little to excite our current clientele. Chivas Brothers was once one of the most prestigious Scotch whiskies in all the world, yet we haven't sold a bottle of it since God knows when. I'd like to learn a little more about what we're missing and maybe what I've been overlooking since refocusing the section seven years ago, but why do it alone? 

Why keep that privilege to myself? Why be one of 1,542,897 guys around the world who taste spirits, then tell other people about their unique experience online? Here's a photo of what I drank. Here's how it tasted. Here's what I think. Now follow me on social media and help me gain credibility across the web!!

I'd rather invite you to join in on the fun. I know the guys at Pernod-Ricard. I know the guys at Donato in Redwood City. I've rented out the room. I've secured the Chivas expert for the evening. The team is going to bring the Chivas 18 year, the 25 year, the Royal Salute 21 year, and the heralded Royal Salute 38 year. We're going to eat trays full of appetizers and snacks from Donato's kitchen and then we're going to learn about blended whisky and the history of Chivas to understand where the focus is today. I'm pretty excited to taste these. The Chivas 25 year alone is a $300 bottle of whisky. The Royal Salute sells for $700+. 

Wanna understand why? Then come join me. This is literally just the cost of the food and the room. Everything else is purely educational non-profit. How can you beat that? I only have space for twenty-five friends though. That's the only hitch.

Chivas Whisky Tasting @ Donato Enoteca in Redwood City, May 24th, 7 PM – $35

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll