Friday Fun Day

I thought I'd take a little walk around the store this morning to show you all some new things that have just arrived. Exciting new things, I should say. Let's start with this: the Nikka Coffey MALT Whiskey. It's finally here! This is the only bottle I purchased when I visited the distillery back in the Fall of 2014. Now I can get one whenever I need it, thank God. You've probably tasted the amazing Nikka Coffey GRAIN whisky, now see what happens when you run malted barley through a Coffey column still. The result is ethereal. It's like a butter biscuit in a glass with soft vanilla and cookie flavors.

Nikka Coffey Still Japanese Malt Whisky $74.99

Gran Dovejo remains one of the best kept secrets at K&L. Distributed by the Mendez family out of the Central Valley, this isn't a big time operation with much reach. It's very much a niche item and we're happy to be the first retailer to work directly with GD on an exclusive expression. They contract with the Vivanco family in Arandas at NOM 1414 (where ArteNOM and Siembra Azul also contract some of their aged expressions), which to me is the best and most consistent distillery in all of Mexico (just my personal opinion). This tequila is like liquid velvet. It's like someone is pulling silk over your tongue, but it's not sweet or full of glycerol either. It's relatively dry, savory, and somewhat earthy, but with a lovely richness to balance out that umami. If like Scotch or Bourbon, but think you don't like tequila, you owe it to yourself to try this.

Gran Dovejo "K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel Añejo Tequila $59.99

Then there's this little guy. Most people around here know David Stirk from his Exclusive Malt single barrel Scotch whisky selections, rather than from seeing his name plastered across the front of a gin label. We've been working directly with David for years, visiting his Glasgow warehouse annually in search of new whisky selections. But David came up with a clever idea recently. Since he was in the business of emptying Scotch barrels, he might as well be in the business of filling them as well. And fill those barrels, he did; but not with Scotch. He filled them with UK-distilled dry gin and allowed the clean, herbaceous spirit to rest inside those casks for some time. The result is half Scotch, half gin, and 100% unique. While there have been barrel-aged gins before, NONE have had the same level of richness. There is a true vanilla and caramel note on the finish as well as the texture and mouthfeel of a Scotch whisky. Simultaneously, though, there is the snappy, fresh flavor of juniper and savory herbs. It's wild stuff and it's the perfect crossover spirit if you're a fan of Scotch looking to branch out into gin. Try it in a Negroni for extra decadence.

Stirk's Gin $39.99

And if you're looking to make a Negroni, maybe you should grab a bottle of this:

St. George Bruto Americano Aperitivo $27.99 - My man Dave Smith has released his alternative to Campari. I accidentally spilt some on my hand while opening the bottle, so for the moment I've only tasted the Bruto Americo in conjunction with human flesh. But I will be adding club soda and ice in the near future!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll