New Armagnac Arrivals

Here’s a photo of David OG looking positively taken aback by the holiness of Grangerie’s warehouse. If you don’t know the store, the Armagnac is all stored in what was once an old church that dates back to the 11thcentury. The only thing more beautiful than that warehouse was the quality of the 2001 vintage expression—an Armagnac that we sold out of last year VERY quickly. Why so fast? Because it’s that good.

2001 Chateau de la Grangerie 13 Year Old K&L Exclusive Armagnac $49.99 - Chateau de la Grangerie is a property that was built in the 17th century right next to an old monastery. The church and the housing for its servants was actually built in the 11th and 12th centuries and since the Armagnac is aged inside that facility, it might be the only spirit at K&L matured on hallowed grounds. Like many Tenereze producers, Grangerie distills only ugni blanc for its brandies. However, the sandy and gravel-rich soils are much more like the terrain found in the Bas-Armagnac. They fill about ten barrels a year; two of which are used for Floc de Gascogne and one goes to Pruneau: a prune-flavored brandy made by macerating the Armagnac with the dried fruit also grown on the property. The 2001 is an absolute revelation of baking spices, soft vanilla and pureness of fruit, all perfectly balanced by a gentle layer of oak. At $50, it's instantly one of the best deals in the store with an easy drinkability that's simply off the charts. Sip it straight after a long meal, or mix it into an Old Fashioned in place of Bourbon. 

Here’s a new Armagnac for you! I snagged this on the trip back in December when Charles and I rolled through the old Baraillon warehouse in Gascony. A 30 year old Baraillon for a HOT, HOT price. When’s the last time you saw anything at 30 years of age for eighty bucks?

1986 Domaine de Baraillon 30 Year Old K&L Exclusive Armagnac $79.99 - Just in time for the 30 year old birthday parties of 2016 comes the 1986 vintage from Domaine de Baraillon, one of the most beloved of the small Armagnac produces we work with exclusively here at K&L. The Claverie family has become renowned around our retail stores for their robust, rich, and old school brandies; spirits of grit, complexity, and power. This 30 year old expression captures all of those elements entirely, bringing the intensity of an older Bourbon with the dark fruit and caramel of a sherry-aged Scotch. It's all made, however, on a tiny farm in the middle of Gascony. There are cows, chickens, and pigs running around the estate each time we visit. It's the epitome of quaint country French spirit. And the spirit that derives from it!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll