To Boldly Go

While David OG and I do a lot of travelling together, we've begun dividing our time as of late; figuring we can cover more ground by splitting up from time to time. During our 2015 trip to France we parted ways towards the end—I headed back north to Paris and David went to Alsace in search of single malt. His solo voyage through the countryside took him to multiple French whisky distilleries and David worked out deals to bring some of those unique selections back to the states. I think you'll be excited about what he has to tell you. Perhaps most exciting, however, was the text I received from David last year while he was visiting family members in Ohio. 

"I've just tasted the next big American whiskey," he told me. 

"In Ohio?" I asked.

With thousands of new micro-distilleries having sprouted up across the globe over the past few years, you have to work harder than ever to taste everything. Sometimes that involves sending one David east and the other west. Expect an update from the other David very soon. There are some interesting new bottles that have just arrived.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll