London: April 7th, 2015

Our idea to create an exclusive K&L/Compass Box blend came to screeching halt in 2014 when the company's business began to pick up and John was forced to table our little project. Things were also in flux at K&L and we were busier than ever. An entire year went by and nothing was said until we reached out to John in early 2015 about rekindling our idea. "Come by the office if you can," John wrote, "I have another idea." David and I flew into London on a cool April morning and met with Compass Box blender Gregg Glass to taste that idea. Knowing we were big fans of the Flaming Heart, the concept was to take 31 year old Caol Ila and combine it with something richer and fuller than Clynelish. Something like a 19 year old fresh sherry butt of Glen Ord.

We absolutely loved it. We were over the moon! We figured summer of 2015 would be the release date, but then things got busy again.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll