He's Got an Uncontrollable Urge

We got Gerald a little satisfaction on Wednesday night: fried anchovies and a cold Negroni, apparently two of Mr. Casale's favorite things. What a party we had! I'm not sure who had more fun: the guests or Jerry himself. "This place is amazing!" he kept saying to me throughout the course of the night. Of course, any place that can bring you four courses of impeccable quality, unlimited wine, and old Scotch for fifty bucks a head is going to raise a few eyebrows. Until you eat there, however. I love overdelivering! Something about watching people marvel in that experience makes me very, very happy.

Keep your eyes glued to the K&L website today. We've got some new things coming in you might want to grab: the new Lagavulin 8 year, some limited Rhetoric 22 year old Bourbon, and three new exclusive barrels of George Dickel. Should make for a lovely weekend!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll