Garryana Arrives (and there's not much)

If you can get yourself up to Seattle any time soon, you can go by the Westland distillery tasting bar and grab yourself a bottle of the fantastic new Garryana whiskey release while they still have a few left. That's what my colleague Joel is doing in this photo with distiller Matt Hofmann.

However, if you want to grab one of these bottles in California, you're on the clock. There ain't much and we ain't gettin' any more after this. I got mine. Joel got his. I'd advise you to get yours. See my original preview here for the specs.

Westland "Garryana" Limited Edition Single Malt Whiskey $124.99 - ONE BOTTLE LIMIT (try to order two and, I promise you, you'll end up with zero) - Westland's Garryana is bottled at 56.2% cask strength and it is insanely delicious. Regardless of whether you care about Westland's philosophy, its homegrown story, its sense of style, the sleek and modern design, or the intensity of flavor imparted by a species of oak native to the Pacific Northwest, we think every whiskey fan should grab a bottle of the Garryana simply because it's wonderful. It's a symphony of malt, vanilla, oak, and spice (four classic components of any great dram) that succeeds simply because it's well made. There's nothing gimmicky or contrived about the flavors. It's not some weird, science project whiskey that you'll only drink every once and a while when you're in the mood. It's a great bottle of booze, pure and simple; the kind of thing you'll have to force yourself to stop drinking when you're seriously jonesing for seconds and thirds. The finish, however, is where you really comprehend the power of the Garryana oak. It's a roasted, dusty, and sweetly-scented oak profile mingling ever so happily with the subtle peat smoke. The whiskey is as much of a testament to distiller Matt Hofmann's clever blending as it is to the oak. The shape of the whisky is remarkable; the way the sweetness tickles the tip of your tongue on the entry before moving through to the spice and power of the oak. It's a must have whiskey.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll