Ickle Me, Pickle Me....

....Dickel me, too! Anyone else remember that poem and song by Shel Silverstein? I think about it every time someone says the name "Dickel." I think I have both Where the Sidewalk Ends and A Light in the Attic completely memorized still to this day from non-stop elementary school listening, so it's almost like second nature to start spouting off that classic intro. I'm constantly referencing pop culture when I work at the store, replacing the words in famous movie lines or hit singles with names of booze brands. When the Dickel rye whiskey came out and it tasted a bit like dill, you can bet the Dickel and pickle rhymes began flying around the sales floor. 

In any case, enough of my silliness. We've got three new K&L exclusive casks of George Dickel 9 year old 51.5% Tennessee whiskey to talk about! Single cask selections from George Dickel have become some of the most coveted bottles among K&L's American whiskey customers, mainly because the sweetness and the richness of the Tennessee whiskey seems to come through like a laser beam at the higher proof; taking what is normally a mellow, creamy, and drinkable sour mash whiskey and dialing the intensity up to full speed. We're also not able to secure K&L single cask selections with the frequency that we're able to choose barrels from other distilleries, making the Dickel releases that much rarer in the eyes of our customers. People tend to load up when we get them, securing reserves for later on down the road.

Here's the latest (also to note: Diageo does not put cask number indicators on the label, only on the case boxes that the bottles come in. Therefore we've added the bottle ID code in the description of each whiskey, which is lasered on to the glass just underneath the barcode on the back):

George Dickel K&L Exclusive 9 Year Old Single Barrel #04L28N54410 Tennessee Whiskey $46.99 - Barrel #04L28N54410 begins with hints of dark cocoa and rich wood flavor, but quickly brings in the baking spices and the charred oak goodness. The finish is a Bourbon-esque explosion of pencil shavings, baking spice, and sweet vanilla. A triumph of pure Tennessee whiskey heaven! (Bottle ID code is L6169K1003)

George Dickel K&L Exclusive 9 Year Old Single Barrel #04L30N55310 Tennessee Whiskey $46.99 - Barrel #04L30N55310 is all oak right off the bat and that oak turns into richer, stewier notes of candy corn and charred oak before finishing with a mix of savory and sweet spices. This is like a more friend Four Roses single cask for about $20 less per bottle. A hot deal! (Bottle ID code is L6168K1001)

George Dickel K&L Exclusive 9 Year Old Single Barrel #05A04B1212 Tennessee Whiskey $46.99 - Barrel #05A04B1212 has the most sweet corn flavor on the entry, starting with that classic Dickel mellowness that quickly dials into bold spices, pepper, creme brulee, and charred oak. It continues to crescendo long on the finish with more sweet oak flavors coming through minutes after the last sip. (Bottle ID code is L6169K1001)

Now it's time to ickle me, pickle me, tickle me, and Dickel me, too! May the late, great Shel Silverstein rest in peace!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll