Whisky Season 2016 Set to Begin

As many of you long-time K&L single malt customers know, we refer to the annual arrival of K&L single casks as "Whisky Season" and for many of us (me included) it's the most exciting time of the retail year. This season's crop is not only one of the most intriguing ever, it's also going to be the most affordable. Why is that the case? How is it that during a period when single malt prices are at some of their highest ever, we've managed to reduce the costs? I can't give away all our secrets, but I will say that, unlike some of our other campaigns where we simply went in search of the best possible casks, I went in this time around with a plan and a mission. As some of you know, I've been trying to buy some property in the Bay Area for the last few years and I've found that process to be one of the most disheartening and depressing possible. Everything is outrageously expensive and the quality is often questionable. I channeled all of the emotions I experienced looking at homes and condos into my whisky quest this year, looking to bring at least some relief to others who—be it with whisky or with the housing market—have come to expect disappointment in all transactions. 

Since I'm not a contractor or a landowner there's little I can do to help those in search of their first home. However, I am a whisky retailer with a few good connections, so there's quite a lot I can do to bring relief to the single malt Scotch market. I'm hoping to start this week with a few 18+ year old, single barrel, cask strength whiskies that bring serious bang for the buck. This will be a process, however. The whiskies will be released slowly and over time, allowing us to focus on the moment and make careful decisions, rather than scramble to grab everything all at once. I think you're all going to be very happy, even if you don't buy a thing! Just knowing that Scotch of this age and quality is available again for prices this good should put a smile on your face no matter where you are or who you shop with.

Stay tuned!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll