Whisky Season 2016 Update

Well...things seem to be moving along quite well now, don't they? Let's look at the results from the first nine casks since we began releasing them less than a month ago:

Round One - August 10th

Auchentoshan 18 year old "Old Particular" - 15 bottles left

Arran 19 year old "Old Particular" - SOLD OUT

Glenturret 28 year old "Old Particular" - SOLD OUT

Round Two - August 19th

Royal Brackla 17 year old "Hepburn's Choice" - 72 bottles left

Glen Keith 24 year old "Hepburn's Choice" - 130 bottles left (from a 500 bottle sherry butt)

John McCrae 24 year old "Hepburn's Choice" - 6 bottles left

Round Three - August 25th

Bunnahabhain 25 year old "Old Particular" - SOLD OUT

Invergordon 50 year old "Old Particular" - SOLD OUT

Garnheath 42 year old "Old Particular" - 60 bottles left

We've released nine casks in the last twenty-five days, four of which are already sold out and another two that are a few days (or even hours) from vanishing. I'd say things are looking pretty exciting thus far! We'll have another teaspooned beauty for you this week (a hot value to boot at just a hair under fifty bucks), before we move deeper into September and begin bringing out the peated malts. Grab a bottle of the John McCrae (Balvenie) soon if that was a whisky that interested you. Ditto with the Auchentoshan!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll