Scenes from the Crowd

Below is a real conversation between myself and a guest at last night's K&L movie party at the Alamo Drafthouse:

GUEST: "Hey David, I had a quick question about upcoming events like these."

ME: "Suuuuure...."

GUEST: "So, in the future, is there a way to find out about parties like this via the K&L website?"

ME: "......uh....."

GUEST: "........"

ME: "Sorry, give me a second. Steven and I drank an entire bottle of Singani during the course of the movie and I'm feeling it now."

GUEST: "Ha! That's funny!"

ME: "Yeah, so if you check my blog we'll probably post the next event there. I definitely want to do this again, so that's probably where we'll post any news about future parties."

GUEST: "What's the website for your blog?"

ME: "', I'm feeling it."

GUEST: "Are you OK?"

ME: "Yeah, I'm just drunker than I planned on being right now."

GUEST: "Did you drink too many Singani cocktails?"

ME: "Yeah, but Steven and I also drank an entire bottle by ourselves after that."

GUEST: " were being serious?"

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll