Bordeaux for the New Generation

While we're planning on launching our big email for the new Old Particular casks this afternoon, today is really all about Bordeaux. We've got our huge UGC tasting tonight (300+ tickets sold out!) in the city, plus a private dinner at Mathilde afterward for friends and winemakers. I'm stoked!! I can't wait to see everyone and taste the wines again. I'm even more excited, however, by the fact that a number of you spirits drinkers are crossing over into some wine appreciation. I'm getting lots of emails from whisky drinkers who are ready for a new adventure, but some are either intimidated or turned off by the stuffiness of old world wine. They want classically-styled, but exciting wines. I've been doing my best to help in that search.

If that describes your own sentiments with wine, then I've got someone to introduce you to: Hélène Garcin. She was born into an old school Bordeaux family, but she's as modern and forward-thinking as they come. I adore both her and her wines, and I think both the reasonable pricing and fresher, drinkable style in which she makes her cuvées are exactly what Bordeaux needs to continue connecting with future generations. More about her new 2015 Château d'Arce here at On the Trail. I bought a case of this wine last week. I'm recommending others do the same before the big email strikes later today.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll