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I stayed in for most of the weekend watching TV, drinking, and doing some more drinking. When it's cold outside, the rain is coming down, and the wind is rattling your windows with vicious gusts of dramatic effect, there's nothing better than curling up on the couch and having a few cocktails—say six or seven. I've been experimenting with my pal Steven's Singani 63 in various drink forms for about two years now, but I think yesterday I discovered its most magnificent incarnation: in a copper Moscow Mule mug with Diet Squirt. If you think I sit around all day drinking high-end Bordeaux and top shelf Scotch, think again. I'm from Modesto. I get ten times more excited about a potential everyday cocktail like this one than I do a rare bottle of whiskey. 

I made sure to tell Mr. Soderbergh about the new creation as well. 

ME: "Do you drink diet soda?"

SS: "God no! That stuff will kill you."

ME: "Oh...because I think Diet Squirt and Singani is the holy grail of pairings."

SS: "Well, if you're talking about Singani, in that case I'm all for it!"

I watched All About Eve for the first time in a while, as my kitty slumbered in the distance. It's suuuuuuuuuch a great drinking movie. Bette Davis must throw back five bottles of Champagne and ten martinis during the course of the film. There's a great line halfway in where Eve is doing party preparations and says: "Does Miss Channing know she ordered domestic gin by mistake?" Heavens! What a faux pas back then!

Speaking of movies, I'd clear your calendar for the night of Monday, January 23rd. That is if you want to hang out with me and Steven Soderbergh in San Francisco, drink Singani cocktails (probably without Diet Squirt), and watch Erin Brockovich at the Alamo on Mission St. Figure standard movie ticket fee, special menu, a Q&A session with me and SS in the theater, then a party afterward where you can have a drink with the man himself.

More on that very soon. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll