$100K+ and Rising!

Photo courtesy of Eric Risberg/APWhen you wake up in the morning to soot and ash on the ground it can be difficult to take your mind off of anything but the victims of these ongoing wildfires. Everything is smoke: the sky, the air, the sun, the horizon, the inside of your car, your clothes, your house. It's permeated every aspect of our lives here in the Bay. I think that's why when we started our rare bottle raffles for charity yesterday our customers felt compelled to chip in any way they could. 

Not only have we raised well over one hundred thousand dollars in our first day of ticket sales, we've still got four more days to go until we draw the winners! It's amazing to watch from my in-house seat and it's going to be even more amazing when we cut these huge checks to help people in need up north. Not only are we having trouble keeping up with the processing of these orders, I'm getting overrun by people who want to donate their own wines for additional raffles. We might end up funneling those bottles through the auction department and starting a number of charity bids to boot.

While the air is thick and hazy, our intentions are clear: we want to help. Thanks again to everyone out there for contributing.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll