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We're up to over $150,000 raised with our raffle and we've still got until tomorrow before we close it down. I think we're going to hit $200,000 before we're done, or at least very close. Pretty crazy! In the meantime, here's what's new in the liquor department:

- We'll have another Maker's Mark 46 custom cask strength barrel tomorrow, the result of my trip earlier this year with my co-worker Julio. We did two barrels during that visit, so I'll have to wait until the bottles show up until I know which stave recipe it is. Both were delicious during our sample tasting, and I'm pretty sure both are over 55% ABV. All you wheated Bourbon fans will want to watch for that.

- There's a chance we may see the new St. George Lot 17 single malt trickle in tomorrow as well. That will be very limited. Make sure you keep an eye on the new product feed.

- Now that it's getting cold and the weather is more appropriate for peated Scotch, I'll be bringing in some of our more Fall/Winter appropriate casks from Old Particular. There will be an eight year old cask strength Talisker making its way into stock very soon. Should be a hair under sixty bucks. The 20 year old Caol Ila and Bowmore casks should arrive by the end of the month or early November. 

- I've been trying to help my friend Gerald Casale from Devo get his 50 by 50 wines in front of some serious critics and this past week I finally got it done. James Suckling scored Gerald's new Pinot Noir a 92 in his latest review, so we decided to throw a little party to celebrate. Gerald is going to fly up from LA on November 1st to do a little private dinner at Donato in Redwood City and he's going to bring a vertical of older vintages with him. I only have space for about twenty people and I know at least seven people have already bought tickets. That means I have room for another thirteen folks if you want to party with us. You can book a seat here

That's it for the moment!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll