Free Time

Part of the reason I never have any free time outside of work these days is because my time spent outside of work consists of more work (although a fun version of work, in this case). Last night we walked over to John Bentley's in Redwood City for serious sit-down with the falllen Chateau Magdelaine (if you're a whiskey geek, it's like doing an extensive Brora tasting), a storied property that now gets blended into Chateau Belair Monange. Five courses. More than twelve different vintages. Extensive notes. Slurred speeches. Timely toasts. Drunken candor. Lots of old Bordeaux. And a room full of K&L employees.

If you're looking for a serious bottle of claret, my boss Clyde Beffa brought in a bunch of the older Magdelaine vintages for his own collection, but put the leftovers into stock. I snagged a 1959 and a 2001 earlier this morning. I sold the rest of the 1959s to some of my best Bordeaux clients this morning, but there's still a pretty nice range of options. I've tasted all of them, so feel free to reach out if you're interested. My colleague Jeff should have a full report of the bottles up on the On the Trail blog soon.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll