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In response to the critical mass of emails I received this morning: yes, that was indeed me with Wanda Durant last night at the game. I think everyone I've ever known in my entire life managed to spot me since it made the ESPN reel. The problem with sitting next to Wanda is that they're going to show her celebrating every time Kevin makes a shot and then my ugly mug gets plastered on the screen as a result. The awesome part about sitting next to Wanda is that she's awesome. Her outfits are sensational and those boots!! My God, those boots! They're electrifying! She loves wine, too. Don't be surprised if "the real MVP" shows up in a future D2D interview. I'm talking with Jenny McCarthy tomorrow, and another soon-to-be-named guest next week, but I think Wanda is D2D material. 

What's new in the booze department this week? INVENTORY! My four least favorite days of the year. While I'm counting bottles all night, here's what else is happening:

- David OG is in Kentucky right now tracking down more Bourbon for all of you. I know he did a Maker's 46 barrel this week, but I'm sure his whiskey-trained nose is sniffing out more hooch.

- We've got a big Kaiyo whisky email going out tomorrow. That should set the queue on fire. The whisky is good and everyone I know who's tried it so far seems to really like it. I hope the momentum continues!

- We cut the checks earlier this week for the three charities named in our fundraiser for the fire victims. We pulled in $204,000 altogether with the help of all our great customers. It was overwhelming, to say the least. It was really great that people pulled together for this. Our five winners were quite thrilled as well! 

- I'm getting some of the big boy single malt casks ready right now. We'll be bringing in the 20 year old Bowmore next week most likely to start off November with a bang. That will be followed by a 20 year old Caol Ila, and a 43 year old cask of extinct Garnheath. Watch for the emails as well.

- I'd keep an eye on the product feed as well right now. Due to increasing shipping issues, we're having to refund a number of customers for bottles that we can no longer get to them. That means bottles purchased months or even a year ago will have to go back into live inventory. They'll definitely hit the feed and get picked off fast. I saw a 33 year old Caol Ila on there earlier this morning. 

- Other than that, not much else as we tighten up our numbers this week and hunker down into holiday prep mode. Any other questions, let me know!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll