Hair Band Epilogue

Oh me? I was never old enough in the eighties to start my own hair band. But if I had been there, old enough to show my chops on the old Fender as the rhythm, I know exactly who I would have chosen as my bandmates.

Lead Singer: Mark Slaughter - Sure, he can't sing anymore (as I've seen documented on countless YouTube videos), but Mark was born ten years too late. If he would have peaked in the mid-eighties he would have been an even bigger star. A beautiful man with a great voice.

Bass: Kip Winger - This is a total cheat. Kip Winger is a frontman who happens to play bass, but that's to my advantage. I need someone gorgeous with an open silk shirt, a hairy chest, and the ability to sing back up. Easy choice. I think I could have stamped out his prog rock tendencies and guided him back towards the party side.

Lead Guitar: Tom Keifer - Another cheat. Tom Kiefer is yet another frontman with serious virtuoso skills. The Cinderella head honcho has the glam goods with a raspy falsetto to fill in the void. Rarely did a frontman handle the major solos like Tom.

Drums: Tommy Lee - This was tough. We had Rikki Rocket. Tico Torres. Alex Van Halen. Steven Adler. But in the end I need a heavy pounder who likes to party. I need street cred. I need a guy who brings a fun-oriented atmosphere.

That's my supergroup. Who knows if it would have totally faltered.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll