I Feel It Coming

I told you all it was coming, right? 

Price battles. Cost reductions. Turf wars. It's all happening. Just as I expected.

If you could all see what was happening behind the scenes of the overcrowded, jam-packed, sorely-saturated liquor retail game you'd be taken aback. It's getting awfully tense and I can smell the anxiety in the air. It's intoxicating. It brings out something primal in me because I looooooooooove fucking with other retailers. This week has been a doozy, watching every other spirits store in CA try and figure out what we're doing, moving their prices up and down so that they can be the lowest by a dollar or two. 

You can play along at home if you want. Check how many stores are at $99.99 for Lagavulin 12 right now and then again by the end of the day. At the moment just about everyone in CA is somewhere between $120 - $135. But I can promise you that many of them will be right at $99.99 before this week is over, scrambling to match our price.

The difference, however, is that they'll have to lose money in order to do it. Whereas I on the other hand....well....I'm not here to put K&L out of business (wink wink). These other suckers can race to the bottom if they want. I'm gonna put my feet up, crack open a beer, and watch. 

We're just getting started, folks. It's gonna get uglier before it gets better, but that means all of you win! Don't worry about us. We know exactly what we're doing :)

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll