A Breakout Moment

Why is the K&L Bordeaux group hanging out at Domaine de Chevalier, smiling alongside owner Oliver Bernard and his sons? Because we all knew what was imminent at the time. The wines of this underrated Pessac-Léognan property have been too good for too long to remain a secret and, having tasted through the upcoming offerings during our visit, we were all taken aback. With two incredible vintages at the "secret garden" in 2014 and 2015, along with pricing that—compared to the similarly-rated Médoc properties—is about half of what it should be, we all knew 2017 was going to be Chevalier's time in the spotlight. That reality hit home last week when the 2014 vintage was rescored by Vinous and the Domaine came out the clear winner, dollar for dollar. If you've ever been interested in collecting a few Bordeaux bottles for your cellar, this is one of those moments when you have to act. I spent all day Friday locking down allocations from France, trying to catch the negociants before their weekend, to make sure we had enough wine for a big email today. As is the case with Bordeaux, you have to order and pay in advance, but let me tell you: this wine will not be $49.99 by the time it makes it here in bottle. Expect $70+ or more once the other retailers get their hands on some inventory. I put in my order on Friday for a case.

Remember when Old Pulteney 21 won "Best Whisky in the World" and the prices doubled overnight? This is going to be a similar moment for Domaine de Chevalier. When the fifty dollar Bordeaux gets the same rating as the hundred and fifty dollar Bordeaux, you know you've got something special. I've got the full story here over at On the Trail if you're intrigued. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll