Post-Brexit Luxury

This cask introduction really needs very little explanation. Just know this: I was offered similar casks this week for prices nearly triple the cost below. Personally, I'm not interested in an entire cask of Macallan for $800 or more per bottle. But for $299.99? That I can do. Especially when it tastes this good. I sold twenty bottles within ten minutes of putting this product on the K&L web page. I expect a mushroom cloud when the email launches later this week. Macallan is still a very popular whisky. I can't keep the standard 25 year in stock even at $1700 a bottle. I wonder what's going to happen when those same guys see this offer?

1993 Macallan 23 Year Old "Old Particular - K&L Exclusive" Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Scotch Whisky $299.99 - This single cask of barrel strength Macallan 23 represents our biggest coup yet in the post-Brexit Scotch era. We're living in whisky world where Macallan 25 now costs $1700 per bottle. If the distillery even offered a cask strength edition of that expression it would easily be over $2000. Yet somehow, someway, we've managed to secure a single barrel of 23 year old Macallan at full proof for a shocking $299. One of the main differences you'll find in the Old Particular offering is the lack of sherry influence, which would normally be the calling card of the distillery version. Rather than toffee and cakebread, this single hogshead cask highlights the finesse and fruitiness of the Highland legend. With ample vanilla, dried apricot, oak spice, and plenty of sweet malted barley on the finish, the flavors are dialed up at 110.2 proof, so a bit of water is recommended. Macallan is one of the most graceful and effortless whiskies in the world, qualities that have cemented its status as the elite Scottish single malt distillery. We have to imagine this will be the last time we're able to offer a whisky of this status at this price. Having just gone back to find more this past month, prices were upward of $800 per bottle for casks of the same maturity.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll