Kelp me! Please! I'm about to drown in a wave of frantic Ardbeg fanatics, pummeling our phones and customer service channels with requests for the 2017 Committee Release bottle!

Please kelp yourselves by using the link below. Much easier!

Ardbeg "Kelpie - Committee Release" Islay Single Malt Whisky $124.99 - Ardbeg named for the mythical shape shifting spirit of the deep and aged in virgin oak casks from the republic of Adygea, this experimental edition of Ardbeg gives a nod to the influence of the Black Sea. Oily peat, dark chocolate, and smoked fish!

And don't forget the new Glenmorangie, too! It's a lush and luscious one this year:

Glenmorangie "Bacalta" Private Edition Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky $109.99 - The eight release in the award winning Private Edition series, which are created to showcase the depth and versatility of the Glenmorangie line. Each Private Edition is highly limited and are designed to showcase Glenmorangie's - and their illustrious head of whisky creation Dr Bill Lumsden - most special and successful experiments. The Bacalta, meaning "baked" in Gaelic, is truly a product of solar power. First spending many years in bourbon casks, before being transferred to custom casks which once held Malsmey Madeira, the great sunsoaked wine of that special archipelago off the north African coast. The result is ultra honeyed and brimming with ripe stone fruits, candied citrus, and rich creamy fudge. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll