Intimate Grappa Dinner w/Jacopo Poli

As much as I love grappa and as much as I wish we could carry every grappa known to man here at K&L, I faced facts with reality long ago. Grappa's popularity is at an all time low with today's youth and as a consumable spirit it's one of the most difficult to sell in volume. Why? Because grappa is the kind of thing you drink once a week at the end of a meal. It's not something you pour over the rocks after a long day at the office. It also doesn't work particularly well in cocktails, so even restaurants can sit on a bottle for years before they finally finish it. 

But grappa is a foundational spirit for me. It's what I cut my teeth on as a teenager learning about how to eat and drink the European way. It's the ultimate acquired taste and it can take years before you develop a palate for it. It's also the one spirit left in the world that hasn't been taken out of context by American culture and turned into an entirely new genre. Grappa is still grappa. It's still that same intensely-flavored and potent elixir it was before, it's just that we're finally getting our hands on the good stuff over here; the things the Italians normally held back for themselves while sending us the rocket fuel in the states. Grappa today in America is better than it's ever been. But you need to experience that for yourselves. Hence...I invite you to sit down with what is perhaps Italy's premier grappa producer for a small and intimate experience.

Jacopo Poli Grappa Dinner @ Donato in Redwood City - Monday, April 3rd @ 7 PM - $50 - Join as at Donato Enoteca in Redwood City on Monday evening April 3rd as we host Jacopo Poli for an intimate and exclusive dinner paired with a number of grappas and other distillates from Poli distillery, located in the heart of the Veneto region. We'll be joined by Jacopo Poli himself for a detailed breakdown on distillation practices and a walk through the diverse selection of expressions, alongside a multi course Italian meal prepared by Donato just for the event. Only 20 tickets are available for this incredibly rare opportunity. This is the first time Poli has visited our market in the last five years, so we're making sure we take advantage of the time we have! There are no paper tickets for this event. Your name will be put on a guest list at the restaurant. All ticket sales are final and there are no refunds, so please check your schedule and availability before committing to the date.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll