Back on the Wagon!

Now that my cold symptoms are finally starting to reside, I can start tasting that supreme deliciousness of malt whisky once again! Just in time, too. Our latest batch of Michel Couvreur "Peaty Overaged" just hit the shelves and each time I taste it I'm reminded about why we originally went to Burgundy to start this project. The sherry-aged whiskies of Couvreur are not your everyday sherry-aged malts. They're not sherry bombs, nor are they potent high-proof missiles like the Aberlour A'Bunadh. They're like velvet whiskies. They almost melt over your tongue with viscosity and a seamless nuance. We thought it might be nice to add a bit of peat smoke to that seductive character, and it turns out that was a pretty good idea!

There's a reason we've sold more than 1,200 bottles of this whisky over the last few years. Plus, who doesn't get all geeky when looking at photos of the underground caverns where the casks are stored?

Oh...and more good news! It's now ten dollars cheaper thanks to a more direct pipeline. We pass any savings like that over to you, of course. 

Michel Couvreur "Peaty Overaged" K&L Exclusive Malt Whisky $79.99 - The chance to work with Michel Couvreur on a special K&L whisky project was something that David and I had been dreaming of for years. We had heard the stories. This crazy Belgian had moved to Burgundy in the '60s, carved out a wine cellar inside a mountain, only to fill it with Scottish single malt whisky instead of Pinot Noir. He set up camp in Beaune, ordered new-make spirit to be delivered by tanker, and drove down to Jerez himself, selecting his own sherry butts to insure only the finest quality casks for his contracted spirit. Unfortunately, Michel Couvreur passed away in 2013 from pancreatic cancer, thus ending the career of one of the industry's most courageous pioneers. Luckily for us, however, apprentice Jean-Arnaud has carried on after studying under Michel for more than a decade. When we visited the underground cave, we were all in total awe. The tunnels of dripping stone go on forever, and the amount of whisky stored in this secret lair is jawdropping. We put our trust completely in Jean-Arnaud and are happy we did. Our peated version of the incredible sherry expression is a seamless creation that drinks like the best version of Johnnie Black ever, mixed with the most supple and soft expressions of Macallan. It's a lush, unfiltered, creamy, caramel-laden dream of a whisky composed only of malts 12 years and older. There's a bit of peat on the finish, but the soft sherry is the star. (NOTE: do NOT cut the hard wax seal, use a wine opener to go through it)

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll