Oh, What Could Have Been!

I was talking with actor Dean Cameron the other day about the classic eighties vampire flick The Lost Boys and out of nowhere he said: "The role I didn't get."

"You were a candidate for The Lost Boys?!" I asked crazily.

"Yeah, I read for one of the members of Kiefer's gang," he replied.


Can you imagine if Bill & Ted star Alex Winter's role of Marco (pictured far right) had been played by Summer School star Dean Cameron instead? Ohhhhh man! I can't even imagine it! The only way I can picture Dean Cameron as a vampire is the way in which he would portray one years later:

As Count Rockula!!!

In the meantime, that led me to think about some other things that could have been at K&L. For example, I remember calling the then-LDI distillery in Indiana around 2010 to ask them how much it would cost to contract some whiskey. I can't recall exactly the conversation, but I want to say the guy I spoke with quoted me a price of $500 per barrel with a minimum of 400 casks in the order—the same for both Bourbon and rye. Can you imagine what those barrels would be worth now, just ready to turn seven years old? It never went anywhere because I wasn't sure at the time whether it would have been a good investment for K&L, but knowing what I know now I should have just paid the $20,000 myself. 

Oh, what could have been!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll