Three of the Four

Of the four standard gins that together support the four pillars of Four Pillars, we've previously only had access to two: the Rare Dry and the Navy Strength, both of which constitute the top-selling gins at K&L currently. The other two foundational gins—the Bloody Shiraz, a saturated sloe gin-esque version that's been held up do to legal definitions in the U.S., and the Yarra Valley chadonnay barrel-aged gin, one that lends the soft-fruited and clean flavors of the great wine from Four Pillar's home in Australia—have been held up in the import process. Until today that is! 

Introducing the third pillar: Four Pillars Barrel Aged Gin, the same citrus-dominated recipe as the incredible Rare Dry transferred into a solera of nine French oak chardonnay barrels, each with its own unique flavor. The solera is tasted every six months by head distiller Cameron Mackenzie who blends a portion to his liking, creating a new expression for each batch. The vanilla tones are light adding hints of cinnamon and baking spice to the citrus. You can sip it neat like a whisky, but it still mixes a fantastic gin and tonic. Try it as a whisky replacement in a Manhattan or as a Cognac replacement in a Sidecar. Any way you drink it, it's pretty darn delicious.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll