New Springbank Arrivals

This is one of those situations where everything sells off the web before we even have time to taste the bottles or provide notes, but just so I can say that I warned you in advance: new Springbank limited edition whiskies have landed at K&L and here's the rundown. There's a new 11 year "Local Barley" expression (50% of our allocation sold within ten minutes of arrival, but there are still a few bottles kicking around). There's also a new 25 year old superstar rarity as well, along with new batches of Springbank 12 year cask strength and Kilkerran 12 year. I'm always a big fan of the 12 year Springbank, and I'm a huge nut for the "local barley' editions, so I'm squirreling away a few bottles for myself along with the staff. I'm hoping to taste samples of these next week, so hopefully there are still a few bottles left to tell you about once that happens!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll