My old friend Steve Ury decided to hang up his keyboard after ten years of blogging at SKU's Recent Eats. This is an except from an old post originally from 2012, a day I had spent working in the LA store while my colleague David OG took vacation:

I was emptying a shopping cart of booze into the liquor section when a tall, red-headed man came and started asking me about Pappy. I explained the sad state of affairs and what we now have to do with our raffle system and he was perplexed.

"Really? Because I heard Costco and BevMO have it in stock right now."
Ahh.........sigh.  I was beginning to sweat.  This guy was nice enough, but he really wasn't getting what I was trying to tell him. I began my little schtick about how there's a shortage of great Bourbon right now, so he countered with, "I just need something that's like 98-100 points. Isn't there anything here in the store?"
I had to take my jacket off at that point. Heat from both my exasperation and the flu were beginning to set in. Finally, he gives me a ten dollar bill and says, "Call me when the Pappy comes in."  I take his business card, but I hand him back the ten and tell him that I can't do that. 
"How about twenty?  Com'on! Twenty bucks, help me out!"
I refused but I told him I would do everything I could to help him out when the time came. I finally looked down at the business card he handed me to make sure his email was on it, and.....BAM.....there it was: Steve Ury - my longtime email and blogger penpal, there in the flesh. We had never seen each other before so we didn't know what the other looked like. He had figured out that I was me, but I didn't expect to get punked in my own store! The man behind Sku's Recent Eats is as funny in person as he is on his blog. A very well-executed practical joke.  

A big thanks to SKU and the word he helped spread about not just spirits, but particularly the work we were doing at K&L. He was a big part of helping us build the spirits department back in the olden days when whisky blogs were just us guys writing for each other.

-David Driscoll
David Driscoll