A Rare Treat

For those of you who didn't get out of town already for the Memorial Day weekend, we had a rare treat drop into our laps before the trucks closed down for the day:

About 100 bottles or so of Angel's Envy rye whiskey, one of the most elusive American whiskies on the market right now.

In celebration of the weekend (and life in general), I'm going to remove allocations and allow everyone to buy as many as they like!

Angel's Envy 100 Proof Rye Whiskey $74.99

The Angel's Envy is to rye whiskey what the Whispering Angel is to rose: a somewhat gimmicky product that people act like they hate, but secretly love and covet like crazy. I know this because people ask me about five times a day if I can get them a bottle of Angel's Envy rye, but then they say something like "it's for a gift" or "I have a friend who loves it."

Same with the Whispering Angel. I just had a friend call up and order a case, saying "don't judge me" as she read me her credit card number.

There's no reason to feel bad, people! Angel's Envy rye is delicious! It tastes like bacon maple hedonistic splendor. Same thing with Whispering Angel. It's fruity and cold and easy to pound on a warm Memorial Day weekend.

Too bad it's going to be cold here. Maybe drink the rye instead.

-David Driscoll 

David Driscoll