Coming June 6th

While I stopped doing the D2D interviews some time back (mainly because I don't have anything more to add on the subject), I never stopped being friends or keeping in touch with most of the people I interviewed. Especially actor Dean Cameron, who continues to shop at our Hollywood store (now that he knows its there) and keep in touch via text. You might even say we've become buddies over the last year and a half. Last month, Dean even invited my wife and me to join him in Las Vegas for a presentation of his play "The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam," a hilarious re-enactment of a real-life email chain between Dean and an attempted extortionist. I was in stitches. My wife was in stitches. We were both quoting and laughing about our favorite parts from the performance over a week later. As many of you know, Dean was hilarious in both Summer School and Ski School, but let me assure you he remains hilarious today.

That night in Vegas after the play, we went out with Dean and his friends for dinner and I told him, "I think we could put this on up north." He was intrigued. "All we really need is a room, a projector, and a PA system with two microphones. We have all that at Donato in Redwood City, the restaurant where I hold most of my whiskey events." 

After running the numbers, checking out the space, working with my sound guy, and putting the final details into place, I'm happy to announce we will be bringing "The Nigerian Spam Scam Scam" to Redwood City on Tuesday night, June 6th as part of a K&L sponsored event. Much like we did with Four Pillars, we'll be doing drinks on the patio for a meet and greet with Dean Cameron before the show, along with plenty of snacks. Then we'll be heading into the room for the performance. I'll have the tickets on sale shortly, but figure about $75 per person and that includes all your food, all your drinks, and the show.

And I'll add this: RESIST THE URGE TO WATCH VIDEOS FROM THE SHOW ONLINE. The less you know going in, the funnier it is.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll