One Glass to Rule Them All

There was a point in time when whisky drinkers would come to me in search of the proper whisky glassware and, judging by their levels of anxiety regarding the issue, you would have thought their very existence was hanging on their ultimate decision (a la the legendary Indiana Jones scene above). Truth be told, I've never advocated for any whisky glass with my customers because I've never felt that there was one whisky glass that stood out from the pack. Over the years I've used Glencairn, Riedel, and various other options that are generally ubiquitous in the homes of most whisky fans and behind the bar at the finest establishments. But when posed with the question "which glass should I use?" I've generally answered by saying, "I don't really have a favorite."

That was the case for most of my whisky-drinking career until this past February when I visited Melbourne for the first time and discovered the Denver Liely whisky glass, the first whisky vessel I've found that performs equally as well with ice as without it (and actually gives you the room for both options). I drank with the Denver Liely glass for the entire Melbourne visit, then brought one back with me where I tried it at home with various spirits. The result was the same each time: I loved it.

Not long after I posted my Melbourne blog, Denver Cramer (half of Denver Liely) reached out to express his thanks and ask if I might be interested in carrying his glassware at K&L. Naturally, I said yes. 

That being said, I've never sold much glassware, nor do I have any idea how many whisky drinkers are looking for the perfect $40 whisky glass. For that reason, I was cautious and conservative with my initial order, so there are only twenty-four glasses available in this first go-around. If you're like the pre-Denver Liely version of me, and you believe there is no one great whisky glass available, this might be the one to settle that issue for you. It certainly did for me. It's been the only glass I've used at home for whisky since I returned home from my Australia trip.

We're not going to ship these for now, but if you want to pick one up in the store please feel free to order below! I'm happy to share my first order with a few of you. Choose wisely!

Denver & Liely Whisky Glass (cannot be shipped) $39.99 - Ignore the stock photo. The glass is as shown in my image above.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll