Knick Knacks

We've had a few interesting arrivals over the last few days that won't likely ever hit the email list, or get their own devoted blog post, so let's do a quick run down.

The Rum Fire from Jamaica's Hampden distillery is now available on the shelf and it's as funky and fruity as you would expect from a 63% overproof high-ester rum. Tiki lovers might be interested in grabbing a bottle of that.

We had a sizeable drop of allocated Nikka whiskies that hit the web yesterday. People have been cleaning us out all morning, but I got more in today so act quickly if you're jonesing for Japanese malts. 

The Kilchoman wine cask I wrote about the other day is here as well (that is going out in an email Monday).

Small shipments of Basil Hayden rye, Ezra Brooks 7 year, and Blood Oath came in. Only a case or so of each, so if you need a new American whiskey those might be fun. Willett rye is also back in stock after a brief absence.

In a total surprise, I really enjoyed the new Glenfiddich "XX," an experimental project the Dufftown stalwart released back in April. It's the right amount of sherry with more depth than I expected. 

Ferrand just released a new Double Cask Cognac that will replace the now defunct Reserve. It's a mix of Cognacs aged in French Oak and an older 20 year edition aged in sweet Banyuls barrels. Fun stuff. 

Gran Dovejo just released a new "High Proof" blanco at 46.6% that should be PERFECT for Cinco de Mayo. I'll be mixing with it tomorrow when I show my housesitter how to take care of my cats. Hopefully she remembers after a few Margaritas. It's still NOM 1414 juice with extra pep. Love it. 

Speaking of cats, since everyone seems to know about my cat adoption story (because people keep asking me about them (because people LOVE cats!)), I will share with you all my "growing" issue:

My wife took this photo one night after I had passed out in bed. That is my Bombay cat stretched out next to me. I'm about 5' 11". He is about 3' 10" when stretched out like that. He's actually bigger now than he was in the image above. Every day he keeps getting bigger. Not fatter. Just bigger. He's HUGE. He's like a giant panther that roams my house at will. I took him to the vet the other day and rather than treat him for his small wound the entire staff took selfies with him (then they treated him). They all said they had never seen a cat that big. 

Someone sent me a story a while back about the world's longest cat. As well as the world's tallest. I'm not sure how the cats are measured, but if someone from Guinness wants to come out and show me, we might have a new winner over at the Driscoll house. He is 22 pounds of pure cat muscle. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll