...And a Few More!

I forgot to mention these as part of the previous post about new arrivals, but they came in with the recent gin release from Copper & Kings and they're only available at K&L in California. Both, like the in, in my opinion are must buys (so long as you like absinthe and brandy).

Copper & Kings "Zmaj" Serbian Juniper Barrel Aged Absinthe $69.99 - Named after the mythical Balkan dragon Zmaj, this Serbian juniper barrel-aged absinthe is an absolute thing of beauty. Typically the leaky, difficult-to-cooper Balkan wood is used for aging balsamic vinegar, but in this case it adds pepper, spice, and lift to all the botanicals present in the spirit. Using a pot-distilled muscat brandy base, classic botanicals like wormwood and fennel are used to add bold flavors of anise and licorice, bolstered by a Chartreuse VEP-like herbaceous backbone. At 65%, the absinthe is massive in its intensity, but never does the alcohol overpower the intricate flavors. Put simply, this is one of the best American absinthes we've tasted since the ban was lifted a number of years back.

And, by popular demand, we have the Blue Sky Mining muscat brandy. I must have received 100 emails asking me if we were going to bring this in. Now it's finally here so jump on it!

Copper & Kings "Blue Sky Mining" Brandy (375ml) $39.99 - A special edition of pot-distilled muscat brandy aged in reconditioned wine casks and finished in an American oak hogshead from the acclaimed Kentucky distiller. Packed with the richness, weight, and fruitiness of the expressive varietal with the oak spice and wood influence of barrel aging, this is a rare treat indeed.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll