Totally Awesome Laphroaig 10 Price

Healthy competition seems to have no place in modern business anymore. It's not enough to compete in the current global economy, you have to stamp out your opponents and force them into submission. Completely eliminate the competition by any means necessary. We used to have Beltramo's down the street here on the Peninsula and, while we definitely had a rivalry going, it was never bitter or ill-intentioned. If we didn't have a bottle in stock, we'd call Belt's on the phone and send the customer down that way instead. We never wanted anyone to lose their job, or their ability to do business. In the end, we recognized and respected our local competitor.

That's not the case with some major wine and spirits retailers, however. 

What's interesting (and simultaneously disgusting) is that some of these guys, when they launch into a new market, will even run at a loss in order to bankrupt the local competition and ruin the atmosphere for any other merchant. They can afford to lose millions because they've run the same racket elsewhere and it's built up a giant reserve of cash. Meanwhile, small mom and pops who specialize in customer service and commitment to relationships go under. They think price trumps all, and they're probably right because it's worked everywhere else they've gone. They bully the competition, bully the distributors, and force their way into total dominance.

I learned long ago as a kid in Modesto, however, that there's only one way to deal with a bully: you punch them right in the fucking mouth. You have to let them know that the bully strategy will not work here.

The thing that most bullies don't recognize is that even their lackeys, the guys who ultimately enable them, aren't really their friends. They might play along out of fear or lack of a strong backbone, but ultimately their loyalty is based on necessity, not out of partnership. On the flip side, K&L has spent decades working side by side with suppliers, building working relationships that benefit everyone from the producer all the way to the customer, allowing everyone to win. 

Because of that long track record of friendly business, our friends will stand up for us when we need them. The bully can't survive when that happens.

Now enjoy this new price on Laphroaig 10! Islay whisky always tastes better when it's ten dollars less than it should be!

Laphroaig 10 Year Old Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky $32.99

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll