Finally, I Catch My Breath

It's been go, go, go for the last few months. Non-stop, pedal to the metal, go!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been at a tasting, or an event, or on the road, or at one of my own parties just about every other night since this past February, but after last night's amazing show at Donato, I'm finally due for a bit of R&R. We had my friend Dean Cameron in town to perform his play the Nigerian Spam Scam Scam, and—MAN—was it a hit! We had drinks, snacks, great people, and a whole lotta fun.

I think part of what got everyone so jazzed was the nature of the event. This wasn't our normal wine or whiskey oriented party. It was a live performance, featuring two comedians doing some serious acting, paired along side plenty of booze and a beautiful space. Most of the guests were a bit uncertain as to the specifics coming in, but every single person walked out of that room last night entertained, excited, thankful, and satiated with alcohol. I was over the moon.

Dean was in great form, as was Victor who plays his Nigerian counterpart. People I didn't know were hugging me as they left, so thankful that we had put on the event and that they had the chance to be involved. I can safely say it might be the best K&L booze event we've ever done, in terms of the creativity involved, the value of the ticket, and the sheer fun of the show. I'm so relieved we pulled it off! Our own Jordan Stone did the sound, which was 75% of the work. He did a fantastic job.

What's going on this week in the K&L spirits department?

- I managed to get the last few bottles from the same cask of Villa Zarri 24 year old cask strength brandy I purchased last year. That's kind of a big, mainly because I think it's one of the best brandies we found in 2016, and the reviews from consumer feedback were through the roof. Watch for that to come back in stock.

- Denver & Liely shipped out another case of their amazing whiskey glasses, so if you missed out on that initial batch last week there are now more in stock.

- Our latest shipment of Copper & Kings products arrived and should be in stock by Monday. Watch for their incredible gin (this batch distilled just for us), the Blue Sky Mining muscat brandy, as well as the incredible Serbian juniper barrel-aged absinthe.

-Finally, a new Old Particular 25 year old Cambus grain whisky should be landing shortly, for a price that should make you spit out your coffee.

I'll be out of town most of next week for a quick trip to the East Coast, but I'll check in via email. A big thank you to the fifty people who turned up last night for Dean's show! I'm so glad we were able to share that experience with you.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll