Mad Men-esque Mid-Century

Now that I've got a vacation house in the desert, I'm definitely upping my home decor game. So far I've ripped out all the carpets, installed a number of tile floors, and gone all mid-century with the furniture with lots of glass, gold, and eye-popping accent colors. A fifties-era turquoise couch with a a giant brass lamp that hangs over it adorns my living room so far. I need a few black and white rugs and a new chandelier for the dining room, but I'm getting there piece by piece.

When the new batch of I.W. Harper 15 year Bourbon landed today, I immediately snagged a bottle for next week's trip to Vegas. This will look great on my new mid-century whiskey bar for party guests who want something a little more mature. We've got limited quantities of all the ultra-mature Diageo limited editions right now—while they last, of course!

I.W. Harper 15 Year Old Straight Bourbon Whiskey $89.99

Orphan Barrel "Forged Oak" 15 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey $119.99

Orphan Barrel "Barterhouse" 20 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey $139.99

Orphan Barrel "Rhetoric" 23 Year Old Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey $149.99

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll