If you happened to swing by the K&L Hollywood store this afternoon, you might have seen an unfamiliar man at the register ringing people up, getting lost in the aisles as he tried to track down each particular category. That was me, joining my colleagues in LA this Friday for a little sales floor bonding. I love the Hollywood store. I love the customers, I love the staff, and I love the selection. Pulling a register shift there is so different from the north where at least 50% of your customers are picking up pre-purchased orders. Here it's a lot of after-work shopping; a bottle of wine or two for the evening's dinner. There's a real neighborhood feel and I love coming down on the San Jose/Burbank flight and soaking that up. It's refreshing.

I'm hitting the streets of Hollywood tonight with my friend Steven Soderbergh for some Logan Lucky celebratory drinks. Perhaps I will run into a few of you Angelinos while I'm enjoying a stiff Singani cocktail. The hills await!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll