Summer Continues!

Not even the horribly bad photo lighting in our Redwood City tasting bar can spoil the vibrancy of these two new summer arrivals. One of them is a perfect summer whisky and the other is literally called "summer!" In writing the news and notes from yesterday's post, I realized I never did a formal blog for another of our great summer whiskies from Old Particular: the Fettercairn 21 year. Unfortunately, that one is already destined for the history books given the rush of sales this week, but I'll throw the link in above. It's a delicious bottle, but I'm on to the next one now; especially since it's from my favorite Highland distillery!!

I'd highly recommend picking up a bottle of each of these for your August drinking needs. They're both sensational spirits that perfectly reflect the weather outside. Plus, they're both really well priced for what they are.

2005 Benrinnes 12 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Single Malt Whisky $49.99 - Over the last four years we've completely fallen in love with Benrinnes distillery, one of Diageo's Johnnie Walker satellites that rarely sees the light of day as a single malt release. There's something inherently joyful about the whisky from Benrinnes; there's a freshness and a vibrancy that sings from the glass no matter the age, proof, or type of cask that it's been aged in. Their staff members are much the same. Upon our last visit to the facility, we showed up unannounced and were welcomed with such incredible hospitality and friendliness that we left Benrinnes even bigger fans than we already were. Since that time, we've purchased almost every single cask of Benrinnes that's come our way and our customers have responded with a similar enthusiasm. This 12 year old edition from the Highland distillery is brimming with sweet grains, vanilla, creamy malt, and round summer fruits on the finish. At 56.7% ABV, those characteristics are dialed up and intensified, but the whisky is still quite drinkable without water. Rocks drinkers will be thrilled, however, as a couple of cubes don't dilute any of the potency. There's very little that can diminish the unbridled Highland malt character of Benrinnes, which is why we're head over heels in love with this whisky.

Leopold Bros. "Summer" Limited Edition Gin $27.99 - Part of a new season series of gins, Leopold's "Summer" Gin is a 47% ABV limited release from the Colorado brothers who have paved the way for artisanal distillation in the U.S. Made with their trademark blending process, in which each botanical is distilled individually into its own spirit and married afterward, the Summer recipe includes juniper, blood oranges, lemon myrtle, and coriander. It has the freshness and the spice of a classic London dry gin, but the citrus and fruit of something like Four Pillars. It's the perfect ingredient for your summer gin and tonic, for as long as we can manage to stock it! Highly recommended.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll