Drinking to Drink Will Return

I stayed up late last night watching Game of Thrones and the latest installment of Twin Peaks before going to bed around 11 PM. There was no way I was going to go on the road without being completely caught up on both shows, as spoilers are everywhere these days and I know at least one person on the flight to Kentucky will be talking loudly about what happened. As I was dozing off, I was thinking about Special Agent Dale Cooper and what might happen on next week's episode. My thoughts began to blur into a hazy soup of random images and before I knew it I was dreaming about actor Kyle MacLachlan. We were stuck in a hotel room and over the course of the night various guests came to visit us, offering their advise on how to escape. I woke up early this morning with the loose details of our dilemma still relatively fresh in my head, but as I sat down at my computer, putting in a few orders and sipping my coffee, the clarity began to fade.

Until my phone started vibrating.

I looked at the number on the screen, an unfamiliar string of digits flashing across the top. It was a bit too early for telemarketers.


"David — It's Kyle MacLachlan. Is this a good time?"


Oh shit....

I had given him my number a while back, trying to lock down a date to do our Drinking to Drink interview, and he was making good on my instructions to "call as early as you like." 

While I was supposed to be brushing my teeth, packing my suitcase, and getting my affairs in order before driving to the airport, I spent most of the morning talking with Kyle about wine, Washington, and how David Lynch introduced him to Lynch-Bages. I got two other interviews done over the weekend as well; plus I'm scheduling more chats for the upcoming weeks. 

Stay tuned for more booze talk with random celebrities, artists, and engaging personalities!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll