12 Bottles for Texas Flood Relief

Alright, let's do something good for the world today, shall we? Sometimes I feel like a giant piece of crap spending all my time writing about booze gluttony while the world is going to hell around us. Let's do something meaningful. I've tracked down twelve bottles of the 2017 Four Roses Limited Edition Small Batch "Al Young" Edition. I'm jacking up the price to $250 per bottle as this is for charity. 100% of the money here will go to the Red Cross for hurricane relief in Texas. That means if we sell all twelve bottles, we'll be writing a check for $3000 by the end of the day. 

(Between you and me, I'm pretty sure we'll sell all twelve so I'm writing the check as we speak)

If this works out, I'll find some more bottles tomorrow and we'll do it again. To be clear, we make nothing on this. We'll donate our cut and the profit earned entirely to the cause. Who's down to buy rare, delicious, impossible-to-find American whiskey while helping our fellow Americans in need?

Four Roses "Al Young" Limited Edition Small Batch Bourbon (one bottle limit) $249.99 - While this is indeed for charity, we still have a one bottle limit per person. 

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll