Hell Bloody Yes!

It wasn't easy. And it took a year longer than they thought it would. But after labeling conflicts with the TTB and a bit of arguing over what exactly the Bloody Shiraz gin was (a liqueur? a sloe gin?), they finally settled on "flavored" and got the damn bottles onto American soil. Perhaps the single most delicious spirit made by Four Pillars (I still prefer the Rare Dry, but many people feel this is the tastier choice), the Bloody Shiraz is finally on our shelf and ready for you to consume it (in mass quantities).

What is the Bloody Shiraz gin, you ask? 

Here's the deal: as you may or may not know (you can refer to my old blog posts in Australia here if you want to play catch-up), Four Pillars is located in Australia's Yarra Valley, one of the centers of serious wine production in the country. Every year during harvest time, the guys at Four Pillars buy clusters of whole Shiraz grapes and steep them in gin for eight weeks, then press them to release the remaining juice and alcohol that gets soaked up inside each berry and mix that elixir back into the vat. The result is a naturally sweetened, colored, and flavored gin that has the botanical burst of the standard Four Pillars expressions, but with a richness and roundness from the sweet Shiraz fruit. The sky's the limit with this bottle and it's been one of our most requested products since we first started working with Four Pillars. Try it in a gin and tonic, a Negroni, or even just with ice and soda water. You can sip it straight as an aperitif, or chill it down for an after-dinner shot. It's pretty much impossible to mess up.

What you don't want to do is watch other people buy it all before you can get your own bottle. 

Four Pillars "Bloody Shiraz" Gin $34.99

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll