...And Still More New Stuff

Yes, I'm running on overdrive right now. I'm buying spirits, domestic wine, Bordeaux, writing fifty blog posts an hour, managing this rag tag group of buyers, trying to get all my work caught up before I head to Vegas for the next five days. That's right; I'm going right out of this 105 degree oven and into the Vegas frying pan. But I'm going to get this store stocked, I'm going to get our marketing emails ready, I'm going to write up all these new whiskies, and I'm for damn sure going to tell you about these two news casks of Old Particular that just came in, plus a handful of other things.

Here we go!

1996 Tamdhu 20 Year Old K&L Exclusive Old Particular Single Barrel Single Malt Whisky $79.99 - Tamdhu is a classic Speyside distillery that has seen its stock rise over the last few years as its recent owners have rebranded the whisky and focused on the heritage of the facility. Originally founded in 1896, the Highland whisky has long be renowned for its classic Scotch whisky profile and that reputation is on full display in this single cask 20 year old expression from our Old Particular label. Light, fresh, clean, and sweetly aromatic with distinct cereal and honey notes, the finish is fully of toffee with cinnamon and clove spices that dance gingerly at cask strength. Those in search of value need look no further.

North British 25 Year Old "Old Particular" K&L Exclusive Single Barrel Cask Strength Grain Whisky $69.99 - Just outside of Edinburgh sits the North British grain distillery, a facility that uses unmalted grains like corn and wheat and distills them on a column still to produce grain whisky--one of the more misunderstood personalities of the whisky universe. Most of you have had grain whisky before, you've just had it in conjunction with single malt whisky in expressions like Johnnie Walker or Chivas. Grain whisky is what's ultimately combined with single malt whisky to create "blended" whisky (hence the name). What hasn't been clear to most drinkers until rather recently, however, is how wonderful grain whisky can be on its own, especially when aged twenty years or more. This 25 year North British is potently rich and full of vanilla, brimming with sweet oak, and punchy on the finish. It's like the buttery icing on a chocolate cake and then the oak takes over and the finish turns woody in the best possible way. This almost tastes like something in between Scotch and Bourbon. Oh....and it's 25 years old, full proof, from a single barrel, and less than $75. Swoop in quickly before the masses seal the fate of this hot deal.

For those of you on the High West wagon, we just got more of the Bourye and Yippee Ki-Yay into stock. Those are fun!

The Highland Park "Magnus" just came into stock for a cool $29.99. Hard to imagine something easier than that whisky for the money.

There's a bit of the new Machir Bay cask strength in LA right now. More coming to the north next week, plus the tasting in Redwood City on Friday. 

There are also a few bottles of 2005 Plantation 10 year old St. Lucia rum in each store. That's pretty outstanding stuff that was locked down on allocation all week, but finally arrived.

That inexpensive Shackleton Blended Malt is on the shelf now. It's lovely.

I'm getting out of here shortly. Then off to Vegas tomorrow to continue working on the new house. Hoping to chill out a bit with Big Daddy Cool Saturday night as he's in town, too. Gotta pack some red wine in the suitcase as the big man likes Cabernet. I'll be out of commission until Thursday of next week, so if you need help with an order make sure you get a hold of me tonight or tomorrow morning before I shutdown the Microsoft Outlook.

Have a great Labor Day Weekend! Drink something fun and enjoy yourselves. If you run out of booze, or you just need a break from your non-AC Bay Area house (because it's only hot two weeks a year here, YEAH RIGHT), come into the 55 degree Redwood City store and refresh yourself. Let's pray the power doesn't go out now.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll