The Right Bank in Redwood City

I love Hélène Garcin-Lévêque because no matter where she goes, no matter what's happening, the woman is always ready to party. After vacationing with her family for weeks in California, she and her husband Patrice (with son Louis in tow) rolled into Redwood City and put on a show last night for our customers. This wasn't your stuffy, note-taking, course-pairing Bordeaux dinner. This was just pure fun on a Thursday night.

We had a full house. Fifty people who paid a mere fifty bucks to eat and drink like kings. I'm not showing you these pictures to brag. I'm showing them to you so that next time you'll buy a ticket! Where else are you going to taste more than ten high-end wines and eat like this for that price? It was nice to see a combination of whiskey and wine guys last night. I like seeing spirits drinkers catch the wine bug, especially with Hélène as there are few people more infectious than her. 

We had a serious spread with vintages from 2000 to 2016, showcasing all four of Hélène's properties. At the end of the night she thanked everyone for coming out "even though we were pouring Right Bank Merlot." Merlot is back, people. The Sideways effect is over. Now it's the Pinot Noir market that's getting too saturated because all the growers ripped out their Merlot vines, replanted with Pinot, and tried to capitalize on that fad. See how these cycles work?

Patrice, who is the winemaker for all the estates, was blown away by the event. He kept saying, "C'est pas cher!" because he couldn't believe the service, the room, and the quality of the food could be had for the price of fifty bucks a head. This is how I plan on converting every single K&L customer into a Bordeaux fanatic. With under-priced parties that over-deliver in every way. 

Hopefully next time you'll join us!

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll