A Well Necessity

We sell a lot of El Dorado 3 year at K&L. For about the last five years, anyone not specifically asking for rhum agricole blanc has been given that particular bottle when asking for a white rum suggestion. That's about to change, however, because there's a new face in town that's making a hard push for best rum value on the shelf. My friends Rich and Joel over at Pacific Edge have taken a bold new step into the category with their new Royal Standard blend, a remarkable marriage of rums from Trinidad, Barbados, and Jamaica that clocks in at the same price as the El Dorado, but for an entire liter. Not only does it have the same clean flavor profile and remarkable texture we love about the Guyanese edition, it has the accent of the Jamaican pot still shining through on the finish; just a little bit of funk for that Daiquiri you're thinking about having when you get home from work. 

Rich and Joel are the importers and distributors for Hayman's gin and that led to a relationship with E & A Sheer, the ancient rum blending house in the Netherlands that helped put the Royal Standard together (they've only been doing this for a few centuries though). ABV bar owner Todd Smith, who was once my sales rep for Pacific Edge (Rich and Joel's distribution business) at K&L, helped as a taster for the project, as did our friends Martin Cate from Smuggler's Cove and Thad Vogler from Bar Agricole. Everyone, myself included, wanted a flavorful, easy-to-love, inexpensive rum that had character and a heritage. Rich also worked directly with Noah Ellis, an ex-Michael Mina food and beverage director, to create a number of different blends before the final specimen was chosen. I've dusted two sample bottles already myself mixing up a variety of various libations, enjoying all of them with equal relish. High proof chasers in search of power will still want to give this a shot, despite the 42% ABV. It definitely has a kick and the rum character cuts through the lime and the sugar when I make a Daiquiri.

And then there's the price: $17.99 for a LITER. It's every bartender's dream come true. Inexpensive, profesionally-blended, cocktail-oriented rum in a great package. Let your own personal happy hour begin!

Royal Standard Blended White Rum $17.99 (1L)

-David Driscoll 

David Driscoll