Two New Jefferson's Exclusives

My colleague and friend David Othenin-Girard is out of town this week, so I'm here to tell you about his latest two Jefferson's selections that have just landed in all of our retail locations. We've got a dynamite thirty dollar value with the "Very Small Batch" and a richer, more luxurious tasting option with the forty dollar Reserve. Those who have no problem buying one of each will find two completely different Bourbons here in terms of flavor profile and character. The "Very Small Batch" has a lovely grainy flavor to it, bolstered on the back end by notes of cinnamon and oak spice. Those who like something leaner to mix with, but without giving up weight or concentration will surely dig this. I have to think it would be a great rocks drinker or Manhattan mixer, especially if you're like me and you don't like adding sweet to sweet. I look for Bourbons exactly like this when shopping for my home bar. The Reserve can be your straight sipper as it's sweeter, more lush on the palate, and softer on the finish. The DOG did a great job selecting these two and I'll post his notes below:

Jefferson's "K&L Exclusive" Very Small Batch Bourbon $29.99 - The wonderful Jefferson brand has a long history of bottling exceptional bourbon. Founded in 1997, right before the explosion in interested the American Whiskey category by Trey and Chet Zoeller, Jefferson's has long been a leader in innovative new ways to create and offer ultra high quality bourbon drinking experiences for an affordable price. They've recently partnered with the exciting experimental distiller Kentucky Artisan Distillery to have a true home for this special brand. From their exceptional Presidential Select range to the unparalleled Ocean Aged at Sea expressions, they're consistently offering exceptional quality for your dollar. The entry level Jefferson's Small Batch is no exception. This is a single barrel blend of four different whiskies. Each tiny blended batch rests and mingles in a single barrel to allow the various components time to marry and then we select from a range of several casks. They're always delicious but this barrel was particularly approachable. That's exactly what the small batch does, offers an undeniably easy and pleasurable drinking experience that nearly any drinker can appreciate. Sweet easy barrel spice and soft sweet vanilla with a medium body and subtle candied citrus finish, make this special K&L Exclusive one of the easiest to get behind ever. Bottled at 41.15% ABV. 

Jefferson's "K&L Exclusive" Reserve Very Old Small Batch Bourbon $39.99 - While not labeled with an age statement, you can taste the extra richness in the Reserve "Very Old' versus the standard "Very Small Batch," especially when tasting side by side with our two recent single barrels. There's a more concentrated note of charred oak and creme brulee in the Reserve and that sweetly-spiced vanilla character lasts long on the finish without ever becoming overly woody or dry. There's a flurry of clove and charred wood on the entry and it morphs seamlessly into a supple and mouthcoating texture that all Bourbon fans should greatly enjoy. Bottled at 45.1% ABV.

-David Driscoll

David Driscoll